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120,000 Page Views in 30 Days

40 days after our digital launch we have achieved our target of 40,000 unique visitors as well as exceeding additional internal KPI metrics we had set internally in respect of engagement. We have dedicated over 1000 man hours to date into the planning and execution of our sustainable guerilla marketing strategy and growth hacking plan. Read on for further insight into our strategy and the results we have achieved to date.. All visitor charts above are continually updated automatcally.

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Your welcome to look us up on Alexa, SimilarWeb or your other favorite traffic ranking tool to see how our visitor numbers stack up. We prefer to simply offer a level of transparency and share selected stats direct from Google Analytics as verified by 3rd party SeeTheStats

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You will find us advertising on hundreds more websites; small and large. Alternative news sites, political blogs, investor and business forums are all including in our display advertising, and contextual marketing portfolio. This includes The Thought Leaders Blog, OilVoice, HumansAreFree, LunaticOutpost, InvestorsHub, The Russophile, Investing.com and many more!

Our Approach

A mix of battle-tested guerilla marketing, growth hacking, paid online advertising and promotion, traditional and digital networking across a number of channels ensured we achieve the widest possible reach and aim to increase our levels of community and active engagement.

Social Networks

Initially concentrating on Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin. OK.ru, VK and others will be introduced in phase 2.

Online media

We advertise across a variety of discussion forums, online news sites and the blogs of political pundits.

Pay to Play

We engage with a number of pay2play online communities allowing us to extend our reach.